GRÜNSTOFF is a flexible,
dynamic team.

We may be young, but today we are already on a par with the traditional companies in the sector. We have set ourselves the task of recycling the hidden treasures in waste.

We seek to do more than others in other fields, too. With these initiatives we want to improve the degree to which resources and the environment is spared.

Key facts

What happens with the 5.2 million tons of plastic waste that accumulate in German households and commercial operations? The fact is that 60 percent of the waste gets used “to generate energy”, meaning it gets burned. Only 0.9 million tons, or some 17 percent* is turned into recycled matter, i.e., recycled plastic. And of that figure, only a small portion is of the same quality as our milled product. GRÜNSTOFF is doing its utmost to increase that input share. Because plastic recycling is a task to secure the future.

*Source: 05.02.2020




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